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We know that some of you will be traveling long distances to celebrate our love with us, and we are very excited to share this special moment with you in Michoacán, Mexico 🤟🇲🇽.

This region is not only rich in culture and tradition but also holds a special place in our hearts: it's where me, Luisa, was born, and it's a place Dusty has come to love and consider as his own.

IIf you're coming from the United States, Europe, any other country, or any other region of Mexico and you would like to make the best out of your trip, we invite you to start this journey with us in Morelia, Michoacán (the capital of the world) on Thursday, October 24th. You’ll be able to explore the beautiful city of Morelia, the pink quarry city or cantera rosa in spanish, and why not kick off the celebration with some local mezcal.



If you’re planning to arrive to Morelia first:

  • By plane from Mexico city: take a flight from Mexico City International Airport to General Francisco Mújica International Airport in Morelia (NOTE: there are only 3 flights daily, trip will take around 1 hour).
    Approximate cost: $4,000.00 MXN / 200.00 €

  • By bus from Mexico city: take a bus from Central Poniente or Central Norte to Morelia. We recommend booking with ETN or Primera Plus (NOTE: trip will take around 4 hours and is a very cheap option)
    Approximate cost: $650.00 MXN / 35.00 €

If you go directly to Pátzcuaro:

  • We recommend coming by car.

  • If you come by bus from Mexico city, we suggest booking with Primera Plus and taking it from Central Norte to Pátzcuaro (approx $650.00 - 35.00 €).


Please find below some cool hotel recommendations near the venue:


Hotel Casa del Naranjo *

Hotel Boutique Casa Colorada 

Hotel Casa Leal 



Hotel Pueblo Mágico  *

Mansión de los Sueños

El Eden Hotel Boutique

Hotel Mansion Iturbe 

Posada Yolihuani 

*10% discount when booking at the reception or directly through the hotel websites of the following hotels: Hotel Casa del Naranjo y Hotel Pueblo Mágico, using the code LUISANDUSTY10



If you're coming in a large group, we also recommend these cool houses

Casa Lloreda

Casa Teran trece


Where to Eat and drink in Pátzcuaro?


Casa del Naranjo

Restaurante Axolotl



La surtidora

Restaurante “El Patio” - 

Restaurante de “Doña Paca”



Carnitas "Las Plazas"

Nevería La Pacanda

Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra

Enchiladas placeras 

Vasolotes de la plaza 



Mezcalería san Miguel

Mezcalería El carajo



Verde limone (Italiano)

Al forno (Italiano)


IMPORTANT: Our wedding date falls during a peak season in Pátzcuaro due to El Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) celebration there and the International Film Festival in Morelia. We kindly ask you to take this into account so that you can make reservations in a timely manner and not run out of options


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Named a Magical Town for being a place full of symbols and legends, a town rich in history, a stage for significant events in our country, a place that displays national identity in every one of its corners, with a magic that emanates from its attractions like the celebration of the Day of the Dead; a true charm of Mexico.


Pátzcuaro was one of the first cities founded by the Purépechas (an indigenous civilization that inhabited the area before Spanish colonization) around the year 1300. Its name means "the gate to heaven," and it was the primary religious center of this civilization because it was believed that the gods ascended and descended here, gods who by the way will come down to celebrate the wedding with us.


Pátzcuaro combines modern life with Purépecha traditions. A stroll through its center will transport you to the past with its cobbled and steep streets, filled with people and handicrafts. The baroque and neoclassical churches provide a distinctive touch to the wide squares, as do the adobe and tile houses.


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